Lightning-fast internet access that doesn’t bog down with multiple users, competitive pricing and greater choice in telecom providers – this is what Coquitlam businesses and highrise residents can expect by tapping into QNet.

QNet’s state-of-the-art fibre optic network installed throughout Coquitlam is leased to telecom service providers that offer local customers a variety of high-bandwidth services, including ultra-high-speed home and business internet, phone, TV/video, and cellular. Local businesses can also lease fibre from QNet in order to gain access to a broader range of competitive telecom service offerings.

More than 60 kilometres of fibre cabling enables almost every Coquitlam business and residential highrise to take advantage of the improved service and competitive pricing offered by QNet’s Recommended Telecom Service Providers as an alternative to traditional telecom providers.

Lightweight, reliable and secure fibre optic cable is the future of internet connectivity, replacing the outdated, limited copper cable still in use in many areas of Coquitlam. With the growing importance of high bandwidth access both at home and in the workplace, a fibre optic connection can also increase property values.

With the gigabit-plus capacity offered by QNet, users can expect:

  • Faster downloads and backups,
  • Super HD viewing,
  • Smoother video streaming,
  • Improved wireless access, and
  • Significantly greater capacity and speed over long distances.

For telecom service providers and local businesses, QNet provides an opportunity to take advantage of an existing high-quality network at low lease rates. Telecom service providers have access to more than 2,500 businesses and 20,000 homes in residential highrises.

Business Services

Compete in the global marketplace, deliver new services, or simply save on your monthly high-speed internet and phone bill. Any business with an internet connection will benefit from the reliable and competitively-priced access offered through QNet.

Residential Services

Residential highrises connected to QNet have access to high speed internet, TV and phone services at competitive rates.

Datacentre Services 

Access QNet's state-of-the-art co-location datacentre, where telecom service providers can install their active equipment free of charge.