Get Connected

Learn about the benefits of QNet’s fibre optic connection for homes, businesses and service providers in the Services section.

QNet provides fibre optic connections for:

  • Existing Buildings (businesses, office buildings or residential highrises) at the request of the owner/strata council or a telecom service provider.
  • New Developments (businesses or residential highrises), working with developers to ensure that QNet fibre optic access is installed during building construction.
  • Telecom Service Providers including wireless network operators

QNet pays all costs associated with installing a fibre optic connection to a building and the leasing process is simple and lease rates are highly competitive.

How to Get Connected

Existing Buildings, New Developments and Telecom Service Providers

Installing a Fibre Connection

 QNet pays all costs associated with installing a fibre optic connection to a building.

Leasing Process

QNet’s fibre leasing process is simple. Legal documents are short and easy to understand, and lease rates are uncomplicated, predictable and in some cases, negotiable.